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23 August
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About the project
YouGive - is the platform that allows to make transactions of financial exchange and that provides services of informational and analytical character at financial sphere on the base of Blockchain technology.
  • Credit platform allows to aggregate credit services proposals from various financial institutions: banks, MFI, pawnshops and private investors
  • YouGive is decentralized database for credit histories.
  • Marketplace of insurance services: is a system that offer convenient search and choice for unlimited number of insurance products from best insurance companies which is possible to issue and get online or they can be transported promptly at the appointed place with the help of insurance broker.
  • P2P Is a platform of the exchange of crypto-currency: for the exchange of crypto-currency into phiatic money without any mediators on the base of Smart contracts. The exchange of main crypto-currencies among themselves, with a maximum level of protection and effectiveness.
Why YouGive
The main YouGive goal – is automation and decrease of fitting process of financial proposals and analysis of the information about the services, that allows to interested sides to deal directly without spending their time on the search of proposals and demand and without spending their money to advertising and marketing elements of clients.
  • All the applications and proposals at the same place.
  • Maximum effect at minimal cost for a creditor as well as for a borrower.
  • Using of local jurisdiction for providing operations, and also international collaboration between individuals and entities.
  • The possibility of scaling up and proposal on the developed platform of related services not only the credit type but also insurance services, broker`s transactions.
  • There are no hidden commissions, payments and payment for information service.
  • The possibility of arbitration and maintenance of transaction on the base of Smart contract.
  • Payment is conducted only on condition of the transaction
  • The possibility of using crypto-currency for the implementation of credit transactions without need to register at a regulator.
The platform allows to automate and structure receiving and providing financial services from private, investment and credit sources for individuals and entities on the base of Blockchain technology.
Providing discounts for platform users when conducting transactions and commission payments at YGT tokens.
Economical functions of YGT tokens:
  • ▸ Providing discounts for platform users when conducting transactions and commission payments at YGT tokens.
  • ▸ Using extension of credit as a currency and also as a lien asset in lending.
Informational and legal functions of YGT tokens:
  • ▸ Collection and record of the information about the participants and operations at the main Blockchain on the platform.
  • ▸ Access rights. According to the type of platform area (creditor/obligor and others) different conditionals for the access and using this platform will be set out
  • ▸ Provision of prioritized service.
Our main conviction.
YouGive supported for the principle of the financial freedom. Every person should get the possibility to get finance for the developing anywhere in the world.
Every person should get the possibility of lending on the lowest interest rates and the evaluation of borrowers from the side of international lending bureau.
We`re creating international financial aggregators that allows to use the capacity private and bank investors online.
YouGive —
Is service that assist the help to take a decision between all the participants at this platform which includes
  • Scoring
    It consists of scoring maps on the base of artificial intelligence and the technologies of machine learning that led undertake a detailed analysis of capacity to pay and reliability of borrowers immediately.
  • Rating
    Rating starts to be formed after the participant`s registration at the platform and it is updated online in all users. It underlines status and quality of services it provides on an equal basis with feedback and assessments.
  • Insurance
    Insurance company that participates in the transaction and that places at the region of borrower can faster and easier influence him or resolve the situation with non-payment credit.
  • Reservoirs
    In selection of credit application, a creditor can collect the module of debt recovery. They provide local debt collection any ways on the borrower territory.
YouGive Token sale
Given importance includes compulsory reserve to cover the difference of value of the tokens at every collection exercise.
Planned token
sale collection:
28,600,000 YGT
A finite number of
tokens will be created
in the amount of
44 000 000 YGT
Reward of a team
Spending on
Basic cost of
1 token YGT
Before the public sale of YGT tokens will be private session of sailing the tokens on the special conditions.
The maximum discount on the closed session is 50% of taken`s cost when purchasing from 10 000 USD.
The description of fees stages of ICO platform YouGive
  • Pre Sale
    2 000 000 YGT
    Cost of 1 token:
    0,5 USD
    Date of carrying out
    23.08 — 30.10.2018
  • TokenSale 1
    5 700 000 YGT Until the end of stage
    Cost of 1 token:
    0,70 USD
    Date of carrying out
    15.11 — 26.11.2018
  • TokenSale 2
    6 000 000 YGT Until the end of stage
    Cost of 1 token:
    0,75 USD
    Date of carrying out
    26.11 — 09.12.2018
  • TokenSale 3
    5 600 000 YGT Until the end of stage
    Cost of 1 token:
    0,80 USD
    Date of carrying out
    10.12 — 23.12.2018
  • TokenSale 4
    6 000 000 YGT Until the end of stage
    Cost of 1 token:
    0,85 USD
    Date of carrying out
    24.12 — 07.01.2019
  • TokenSale 5
    3 300 000 YGT Until the end of stage
    Cost of 1 token:
    0,90 USD
    Date of carrying out
    08.01 — 25.01.2019
Investment benefits
  • Return
    Ensuring of return instead of getting per cents from credit itself, is also possible in exchange growth of tokens. Financial instruments are profitable.
  • Availability
    Every transition is supported by set of documents, insurance at will and wirk with a borrower directly. Both sides can ask for additional measures of ensure as agreed. Every deal establishes in Smart contract.
  • Variability
    YouGive platform allows to participate at this project not only with the help of phiatic money but also with crypto-currency. Currency of participating, value doesn`t matter. For customers collective credit proposal is possible.
  • Liquidity
    Platform doesn`t sell futures, doesn`t work with any speculate instruments. Only real capital is used and the transaction can be insured.
Micro financial company
Start of work at micro financial sphere. It was given credits to individuals and to business on more than 10 million dollars.
▸ Opening of pawnshops in several Russian regions for loan issuing on bond of precious metals.
▸ Opening of Auto pawnshop
Online pawnshop
Organization of online loan issuing on bond of equipment and art objects on the base of pawnshops.
Credit consumer cooperative
▸ Association of pawnshops and micro financial company into one cooperation.
▸ Development of a prototype of online service for the consolidation of credit applications.
▸ Market analysis of lending in the world.
▸ Blockchain analysis in financial sphere
▸ Review on possibility of applying
At the attainment MileStone 6m$
▸Start of work on the credit platform YOUGIVE ▸ Creation MVP
▸ Analysis of existing and going to ICO competitors
▸ Analysis of lending crypto market
▸ Creation VP project
▸ Creation and release YouGive Alfa Web
▸ Formation of marketing strategy
▸ Engaging of partners among the big players on the credit market
▸ Implementation of scoring model
▸ Listing YGT on the exchanges
▸ Access to ICO
▸ Pre sale
▸ Marketing company ICO
▸ Beta version Web app of the credit platform YouGive
▸ Development of the mobile version
▸ First transitions on the platform (closed pool)
▸ Production of mobile version
▸ Platform audit
▸ Official presentation of credit platform YouGive Web/Mobile ▸ Access to the market in Russia, CIS
At the attainment MileStone 10m$
At the attainment MileStone 17m$
Creation of Crypto exchange on the credit platform (3m on liquidity)
At the attainment MileStone 14m$
Access to the market in the USA, Europe and RSA
At the attainment MileStone 21m$
Access to the market in China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea
Credit histories bureau on the base of credit platform YouGive, BIG DATA
  • Vladimir Egorov
    18 years in leadership positions. In 5 years the financial sector in the field of loans and investments. From the management of micro financial services company to build from scratch a network of online pawn shops.
  • Artur Vartanyan
    More than 14 years of experience in the field of information technology. Development and implementation of the first public services in the Russian Federation. Automation of a large number of Telecom and financial companies-leaders in their industries
  • Aleksey Afonin
    Full Stack Developer
    For 10 years, he has created more than 100+ web and mobile applications in the media, construction and financial sectors. The main directions in the projects are corporate portals, web aggregators, financial dashboards, monitoring analytical systems.
  • Anastasia Leina
    Head of PR
    In advertising for more than 10 years: from the designer of the printing and fashion industry to the financial sector. Advertising Department of the financial organization for 5 years.
  • Ilya Sdobnov
    Over 8 years of experience in marketing. The founder of Russian company Smart kit. Successful promotion of projects in digital and real sectors. Cooperation with international tender projects in the economic sector and industrial production sector.
  • Ilya Gorlachev
    Professional participant of the Russian stock market. Holder of FSFR 1.0, FSFR 2.0, FSFR 5.0 certificates. Over 8 years of operational experience in the financial sector. Key competence - analysis of geopolitical processes and their influence on the world financial markets.
  • Aleksey Vakhrushev
    Specialist in Project Economics
    Specialist in the area of finances, participated in more than 5 successful ICO projects. 2 years of successful ICO consulting, field of expertise – venture projects and crowdfunding.
  • Liudmila Efimenko
    Chief Linguist Officer
    CELTA certified teacher, Business trainer and interpreter 10 years of successfull work with corporate clients like Bayer, Novartis, Beeline, PWC Expert in teaching Business English, ESP, international exams preparation.
  • Anton Vinogradov
    Chief Legal Officer
    Practicing lawyer in the area of international law, leasing, and factoring. Was employed by SREI group of companies for a long period of time. It has specialized in the development and financing of infrastructure and financial projects in India for more than 20 years.
Work on the
Moscow, 4th lesnoy pereulok, 4, Business-center «White Stone»
Privacy policy
  • How can I buy or get YGT token?
    As a result of ICO on one of the stages or at the exchange after ICO. If you buy tokens on the pre-sale stage, you can get a discount up to 30% for buying tokens and that will have a good influence on the cost of tokens during the access to the exchange. After the access of the company on ICO it will be possible to buy tokens at the market price that can well exceed original cost in 1 USD.
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  • What exchanges will YGT coin include in its list and when?
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